(i) All interpreter bookings will be based upon a minimum period of 2 hours.? Depending on the language required, this may be longer.? For sign language interpreters, the minimum period is 3 hours.
(ii) Cancellation of interpreter bookings must be made giving a minimum of 2 working days’ notice; failure to provide such notice will result in the minimum period being charged as above, or for the full length of the booking should this be longer than the minimum period.
(iii) Cancellation of sign language interpreter bookings will incur the full amount with less than 7 days notice, and at 50% of the full amount with between 7 days and 14 days notice.


(i) All interpreters and translators undertaking assignments on behalf of ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD are self-employed and carefully selected by ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD. Acceptance of the services of our interpreters and translators will be deemed acceptance of our terms. Should any worker prove unsatisfactory please notify this office immediately.

(ii) The interpreter for the duration of the assignment is deemed to be under the supervision and direction of the client alone.

(iii) By agreeing to work with our interpreters at premises other than our premises, you will continue to hold in force all risks insurance for that interpreter and will indemnify us against all costs, claims and demands whatsoever as may arise including but not by way of limitation either by third parties or by the interpreter arising out of your engagement of them at your premises.

(iv) Whilst you will be using personnel supplied by ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD, we will not be held responsible for any of their actions outside of the interview setting.

(v) In the event of sickness or injury of an interpreter prior to or during an assignment, Essex Interpreting will endeavour to supply a replacement interpreter but no liability is accepted by ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD for failing to do so.


(i) The customer or service user shall not approach to work for them directly, any ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD freelancer, employee or sub contractor introduced to them by ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD.

(ii) In the event of a breach of the above clause 3i the customer shall pay to ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD 100% of the gross agency fee for the duration of the work.

(iii) The parties acknowledge and agree that the above clauses are a reasonable estimation of the loss which would be incurred by the loss of the person so engaged.


(i) Fees in respect of interpreters are charged on an hourly basis at agreed rates.? Fees in respect of translations are charged by the 1000 words

[pro rata] at agreed rates.

(ii) All fees are payable to ESSEX INTERPRETING LTD within thirty days of our invoice as these are for interpreter and translator payments already made by us.

(iii) All fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.