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Face to face interpreting Services

  • Access to over 60 languages for face to face meetings, appointments and consultations
  • Many specialist areas covered, eg health & medical, local government, law, insurance, engineering, shipping, IT, marketing and many more
  • Qualified and trained linguists who abide by a strict Code of Conduct covering confidentiality, impartiality and accuracy

How does it work?

Call us when you know the date and time of your appointment or meeting.

Tell us :

  • The organisation and department you are calling from
  • the date and time the interpreter is needed
  • The language you require
  • Whether you prefer a male or female (if applicable)
  • The location
  • any other relevant information, eg brief description of the appointment.

We will match a suitably qualified interpreter and confirm with you.? We do prefer as much notice as possible but frequently manage to access an interpreter for same day and day after appointments – we understand that in many situations, notice cannot be given.