Dealing with complaints

Essex Interpreting is committed to the early resolution of complaints.

Complaints about registrants can either be linguistic or non-linguistic. All complaints are judged against our Code of Professional Conduct. The following principles will govern how complaints are handled:

• complaints will be handled fairly and openly
• wherever possible, complaints will be dealt with quickly
• the subject of the complaint will be informed of the nature of the complaint, given a copy of it, and will have an opportunity to respond to it
• in linguistic matters, advice may be sought from sources of linguistic expertise

All notifications of complaints or concerns must be made in writing to Essex Interpreting. A complaint should be submitted as soon as possible after the alleged misconduct becomes known. A complaint made more than six months after the alleged offence must include an explanation of the delay in its submission. A complaint must include the name of the complainant and set out the matter of the complaint and any relevant circumstances including the relationship, if any, between the complainant and the interpreter against whom the complaint is made. The complainant must confirm in writing that a copy of the complaint may be sent to the interpreter.

Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible about your complaint as this will assist us in processing your complaint quickly.

Should you have any questions please contact us at or telephone: 01206 822080.

To make a complaint, please download the following document and once completed e-mail to

Dealing with complaints – pdf copy

Dealing with complaints – Word copy

If you are a service user and you need this form in a different language or format, please let us know. If you are deaf and use BSL, you can send us in a spoken video of the details requested below.